STEWRD.jpgMoviemaking with iMovie

Rosie Stewart

Session Outline

Shoot, import and edit narratives, documentaries and art-house short films for a variety of school subjects including languages, geography, history, english, drama, PE, art, science and film studies. Please note that iMovie is a Mac based programme, hence the sister programmes of Garage Band, iTunes and iDVD will be incorporated.

Rosie's Bio

As an IB Film and VET Entertainment teacher I work with students who are comfortable with technology and who are keen to explore the digital film world. My background as a Web Designer (from the days when it was all coded!) and Graphic Designer have exposed me to many different forms of 2D and 3D still and moving graphics. A Masters Degree in Digital Media from the University of Sydney consolidated the knowledge and led to an interest in education and the imparting and sharing of knowledge.