AISITIC-2009_keyboard_Logo_.jpgWelcome to the AIS ICT Integration Conference 2009 Wiki

Date: Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th September

Venue: Trinity Grammar School, Summer Hill, NSW Australia

On these pages you will find all the links and resources to support your conference experience, and we encourage you to participate fully. Each page on the site has a discussion tab where you can add your thoughts, ask questions and offer suggestions. Remember, learning is a social activity, and we can all learn from each other.

All teachers interested in ICT integration: If you'd like to join the AIS Integration mailing list, email a request to Just ensure that your email address is a .edu address, as in an attempt to exclude commercial interests, the list only accepts valid school email addresses.

The recording of the plenary session is available here

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The whole point of having a wiki is to encourage collaboration. If you want to add your thoughts, ideas, suggestions or questions, there's a discussion tab at the top of every page. We encourage you to use it! Don't be shy! Add your comments to the discussion tab of any sessions you attended. Leave some feedback for the presenters. Make suggestions for additional resources. Please, use the discussion tab! That's what it's there for.

The wiki has also been left open for editing. If you really feel like contributing, you can click the Edit button and add relevant links to any page. You can fix typos. You can be part of the team. That's what wiki-thinking is all about.

Other Useful links

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