Kathy Sciberras

Xtranormal – if you can write a script, you can create a movie using Xtranormal.

Xtranormal offers either free or a paid plan to use the site. It allows you to simply type in text and choose sounds, sets, expressions etc to create a movie.

The process is fairly simple and needs some simple guidance for students.

The front page and the sign up page

Select the world to use and how many actors

Choosing the set and actors

Writing the script

Choosing the camera angle

Or use the Magicam at the bottom for auto camera angles.

Adding animations, expressions, looks and points

Add a pause by dragging the pause icon into the script, you can choose the length of the pause. The process for adding sound is the same as in the screentoast above.

Previwing and publishing your movie

The final product

You have the option of either directing people to your movie through the direct URL. Or you can embed it or publish it to YouTube.

I hope you enjoy using this site. It really is lots of fun and students enjoy using it.

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