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Twitter allows you to send out messages to a network of like minded people and or to read messages from them. It similar to being in a crowded staffroom where colleagues are discussing all manner of things. You can hear and participate in many conversations or focus your attention on just one. Many educators use twitter to ask advice from each other, share resources and ideas and collaborate.

This conference will include a Twitter backchannel which will include messages from the keynote speakers, organisers and delegates about the interesting things they are seeing and hearing. This is a great chance for you to see Twitter in action and to get involved.

How to set-up a Twitter account and send a tweet

Useful links

Twitter is a microblogging tool. Access the main site or use Twitbin, Twitteroo, Twitteriffic (for mac), Snitter, Twhirl or others as local application interfaces to send Tweets.
Twittervision shows tweets in real time on a map of the world.
Search for interesting people to follow with Twellow. Or to look for tweets from people connected to this years conference see our RSS, Twitter and feeds page.
Search topics with Twitter Search and you might like to read 6 Twitter searches compared. See also The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags blog post to get and idea how to use Twitter hashtags.
We used Twitterfall to search tweets and tweeters and to pull together themed tweets from the conference using the hashtag #aisitic09.
These were shown on screens either side of the keynote speaker during the conference keynotes.

elearningtwits is an ever growing list of australasian twitterers with an interest in elearning.

Tom Barrett's blogpost on using Twitter in the classroom as an 'ask your PLN or ask an expert' tool

5 Beginning Tweeters Tips

  1. Since tweets are limited to 140 chracters, many experienced tweeters use a an online service such as Tiny Url to shorten URLs they are sending or referencing in their tweets.
  2. To direct a message to someone in particular include the @ symbol together with their username in your message. eg @metaljar Can you post the link to that article please? it sounds very interesting.
  3. RT = Retweet. It is a convention to add this to a message someone else has sent and you wish to rebroadcast to your followers. eg RT @betchaboy Take a look at www.treadlightly.meand
  4. When people start following you will see the number of followers you have adjusted on your home page. You will also be notified by email. This means they see any messages you send. To see messages they send you must follow them back. You can do this by following the link in your email to their home page and clicking the Follow button under their profile image. When you are both following each other you can also send direct messages also (see the Direct Message link in the sidebar of your Twitter home page).
  5. You can Unfollow people whose tweets you no longer wish to see on your homepage.

Flutter: The New Twitter

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