pascale.JPGThe High Tech Science Classroom

Pascale Warnant

Session Outline

This session will focus on the integration of technology in the Science classroom. We will have a look at some tried and tested strategies to increase student engagement and promote understanding of scientific concepts including:
  • The use of blogs in student research projects.
  • Why it’s time to take another look at data loggers.
  • Using the ActivStudio software to model scientific concepts and create interactive flipcharts.

Pascale's Bio

Pascale is a Science teacher and ICT integrator at Our Lady of Mercy College. In this role she works with teachers from the Mathematics and Science faculties to develop their IT skills and design activities involving the use of various technologies. At work she divides her time between introducing her students to the wonders of Science and initiating her peers to the magic of IT.

Pascale is also one of the authors of the recently published third edition of Core Science.

Links Download ready to use flipcharts and the ActivInspire software from this site. Set up teacher and student blogs. A very easy to use wiki tool. This wiki is a wikispace wiki. Add e-books to your Jacaranda digital bookshelf. Another place where you can create free wikis. Videos taht show how to set up experiments using the Vernier data loggers. Create on-line activities and quizzes. Ready to use IWB resources. Can be used on all types of IWBs. Information about data loggers

Copy of presentation handout.

Using web 2.0 tools in Science - some examples.

Ready-to use resources for your classroom
  • Quia pages - click on a page to find activities suitable for that particular grade level. The activities will work even if the user name and password are left blank, although the quizzes will not work without a login.
  • Flipcharts: (Note: to open these files you will need to have the ActivStudio or ActivInspire software loaded on your computer. You can download ActivInspire personal edition from Promethean Planet (see link above).