Mira Baird, Trinity Grammar School
Slideshare.comallows you to share either in a public space or a private, protected space, presentations made in Power Point, Keynote, MS Word or PDF's.

Five ways to start using Slideshare today:
  1. Have a great presentation in your files that you use over and over with classes each year? Upload to Slideshare and send the link to your students, your blog page, your colleagues etc.
  2. Do you ask your students to prepare presentations for a topic or project? Publish to Slideshare and ask other students to evaluate the presentations during a peer-editing lesson
  3. Have you presented a PD session to colleagues? Keep the PD alive by sending them your Slideshare link and invite feedback. Revisit at your next PD to see comments and suggestions
  4. Upload audio to your presentations and create a slidecast in Slideshare - too easy
  5. Use Slideshare for examination revision tips and tricks for seniors - send them the link to use at home in the lead-up to exams

Teach your students to narrate their slides instead of just reading from them: go to for practical tips and tricks to create dynamic and interesting presentations.


Garry Case, Emanuel School
Information regarding the building of the "perfect learning space for your needs" is found here at the Studywiz Australiasia website


Silvana Mladenovic, Saint Ignatius' College
Fences is a program that "helps you organize your desktop, and can hide your icons when they're not in use."

Shape Collage

Silvana Mladenovic, Saint Ignatius' College
Shape Collageia "a free automatic photo collage maker that alloows you to make picture collages in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks.."


Chris Betcher, PLC Sydney
Broadcast video LIVE to the world from a computer, mobile or iPhone in minutes

Martin Levins, The Armidale School
This link shortener also provides stats data on how many people looked at your link (particularly if you personalise it) and where they came from
Shorten, share and track your links

SD Copy
Stephen Piseo, The Hills Grammar School
There's a link to SD Copy at the bottom of this page


Stephen Liseo, The Hills Grammar School
As Sephen said at the time, Super (C) video converteris somewhere on this page!.


Peter Slattery, The McDonald College
Jingis free software that records your screen and provides storage space for you to keep your videos (or save them locally.)


Rolfe Kolbe, St Catherine's School
"Animoto videos - music videos for your images, video clips and pictures. With high production value motion graphics synchronized to every beat of your music ..."

The Wayback Machine

John Clear, AISNSW
It's actually called the Internet Archive, but Googling "Wayback Machine" finds it. Have a look what web pages looked like at a previous date.

Who remembers Rocky & Bullwinkle? Mr Peabody? His way of taking Sherman back to the past to see how it was?
Check out some ancient websites, butnot the really early ones. (The Armidale School website from 1993 didn't feature - sob - the earliest was 1996 )