Screencasting of the eSpots

This year, we will be encouraging all of our eSpot presenters to make a short screencast of their eSpot in advance. These will be uploaded to the conference wiki so that people can visit/revisit the presentation after the event.

If you are presenting one of these eSpots we would request you to make short (preferably no more than a couple of minutes) screencast explaining the essential features of your eSpot. The idea of these screencasts is to provide a more permanent record of these tools for people who may not have been able to attend your session. Remember that the purpose of the eSpots is to provide a short, to-the-point look at a variety of useful technology tools.

To create your eSpot please use Screentoaster, a free Web 2.0 tool for capturing the activity on your screen. It is free, very simple to use and produces astoundingly good quality videos that can be embedded into any webpage with standard embed code. Our plan is for every eSpot presenter to make a short video and then to embed it into their session page on this wiki.

Once you create your video, save it to the Screentoaster servers and tag it with the tag aisitic09 (along with any other tags you feel might be relevant), then copy the embed code on the Screentoaster site. Go to your wiki page here and use the Widget tool to paste the embed code into the page.

Here's how you do it...

If you have any problems creating the videos or embedding them on the wiki, contact Chris Betcher on or 0433 59 2802