Martin Levins and Seonia Wark

Session Outline

An interesting approach to Scratch where those new to the program are introduced briefly to the basics, then begin "remixing": taking existing Scratch creations and changing, colours, costumes or processes and learning functions and processes in the process.
Links to use in programming and to Maths/Science will be explored.

Martin's Bio

ml.jpgMartin Levins has been the Director of Information Technology at The Armidale School (TAS) since 1990. Martin really likes technology because he likes playing and believes that play is a really important part of learning (at least that’s his excuse). He likes country schools because you have to be flexible and resourceful, and get asked to do interesting things.

Seonia's Bio

Seonia Wark is Head of Mathematics and Assistant Director of Studies at The Armidale School. A teacher for 15 years, her interests include using technology to make Maths interesting and relevant, and integrated approach to curriculum design.

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