KLEIAX.jpgUsing Smartboards across the Curriculum

Alison Klein

Session Outline

Part 1: Senior secondary: Set moves in NFL football. Arrange the players on the field for the start of play. Use the recorder to record your set moves. Play back to the class to explain your moves. Uses: SMART notebook gallery, locking, allowing moves and rotation, pens, recorder, investigation of gallery for other sports.

Part 2: Year 7 cross curricular Maths and PDHPE: Which shoe would you buy?
Scenario: You have been given money by an aunt to buy sports shoes. However she is a market researcher and requires you to complete a questionnaire before making your purchase. Compare advertisements from 4 brands of sports shoes (ads downloaded from YouTube). Respond to questionnaire using Keepads, data is compiled to Excel spreadsheet for analysis in Maths. Uses: Downloading videos from YouTube, Teachertube, using Keepvid, insertion in SMART notebook, Turning Point questionnaires, Google docs questionnaires.

Alison's Bio

Alison has been a Teacher librarian for 30 years and combines this role at Trinity Grammar School with the role of ICT integrator. She has taught at State and private schools across all grades from K-12. During the past 6 years she has conducted SMARTBoard workshops for the staff and students in all subjects and has presented to the AIS ICT Integrators meetings using SMART notebook.

Essential software

  • SMART Notebook Includes free 30 day trial.
  • Keepad Interactive : TurningPoint download "Please note - Educators, presentation developers and software evaluators can download TurningPoint software for development use. All features are fully enabled to allow the development of interactive TurningPoint presentations. However, you will not be able to receive more than 5 responses without a licensed 2008 USB receiver."
  • Google docs Create online forms and surveys for free.
    Data is collected in a spreadsheet which can be exported to your documents. View a summary of your survey on the Form summary page which can now be printed. Google docs requires a GMail account.

Sites for downloading Youtube videos

YouTube videos advertising sportswear


Statistics links

Graphs links

  • 3D graph online From the Archimy site. Draw two- and three-dimensional graphs by specifying the formulae for the coordinates x,y,z. Functions include astroid, cardoid, circle, ellipse, hypocycloid and natural logarithm surfaces.
  • ChartGo Create charts online quickly.
  • Create a Graph Create area, bar, line graphs or pie charts which you can then print.
  • Create a Timeline in Microsoft Excel
  • Data picking From the BBC. This game demonstrates the use of data to produce a frequency table. A chart or graph is then produced.
  • Grapher
  • Graphs From GCSE Maths
  • Graphs Maths forum
  • Let's graph
  • Widgenie A web 2.0 tool which converts data from a spreadsheet and turns it into bar charts, pie charts, line charts, area charts, and tabular charts. You can import data from Excel spreadsheets, Google spreadsheets, or any CSV file.

SMART Notebook resources

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