Building a Multimedia Kiosk with PowerPoint

Janet Benecke

Session Outline

In this Year 7 integrated English/History project, students working in groups planned and produced a Virtual Exhibition on an area of interest from ancient Egyptian history. Whilst working towards outcomes in English and History, they engaged in a process that combined many of the 21st century learning skills likely to be critical to success in the future: thinking creatively, communicating clearly, analysing systematically, collaborating effectively, designing consistently, and learning continuously, while at the same time developing their fluency with digital technology: both interacting and creating with the computer.

Janet's Bio

K-7 ICT Teacher and Integrator, Ravenswood School for Girls, Gordon. Janet worked as a classroom teacher for many years, successfully integrating ICT into the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning. In 2003 she moved into the newly creaated ICT role K-6 and in 2008 extended her role to included working with both the teachers and students in the Year 7 Integrated Middle School English/History program. She works closely with classroom teahcers to develop teahcing and learning sequences that effectively integrate technology accross the curriculum.

Tools for creating bibliographies

Word 2007 - Choose References tab then insert citation, build lists as you go, at end of assignment Create Bibliography
BibMe The fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills, free online.
EasyBib also free online

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