LEADMZ.jpgIntegrating CAD/CAM into the Classroom

Michael Leadbetter

Session Outline

In this session I will look at the CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design /Computer Aided Manufacturing) software and hardware now available for use in the school technology classrooms and how this can be integrated into our current syllabi.

Michael's Bio

I am currently Head of Technology and Design at Trinity Grammar School. I trained as an Industrial Arts teacher and after a number of years teaching took up a position as a lecturer at Sydney Teachers College which later became part of the University of Sydney. I lectured for 15 years in the area of design, woodwork and computers in education.

After the Industrial Arts teacher training courses folded at the University of Sydney I moved back into the school system spending two years at PLC Sydney and a short time at Good Samaritan Catholic College before taking up a position at Trinity Grammar in 2003.

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