sc.jpgLet's change the way we think about Learning and Hyperconnectedness

In a connected society, to disconnect, either through choice or by being required to, removes us from the stream that gives us support and meaning, and to which we contribute in return. Particularly in education, we often ask student to disconnect when they enter the classroom. To turn off their phones. To close their laptops. To behave and organise in a way that reflects a need to create 18th Century, compliant factory workers. There are huge opportunities to be realised if we change the way we think about classrooms and hyperconnectedness."

Stephen Collins is a thinker and doer in social media and user experience design. He's recognised internationally as an innovator, community builder and engaging public speaker. Having worked for many years in the Australian public sector and consulting industries, Stephen founded acidlabs in late 2006 to help bring his philosophy of a more open, collaborative and hyperconnected world to his clients.

Stephen now works with a range of organisations in the public and private sectors helping them change old corporate culture into a new model - one where people, where conversation, collaboration and community are at the heart of everything they do.

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