Burke_Carmel_2.jpgCreating Meaningful Stories Across the Curriculum using Digital Storytelling

Carmel Burke

Session Outline

Digital storytelling provides students with an opportunity to tell their own stories in the 'voice' of adolescents - multimedia. Carefully constructed scripts are woven by music, soundtracks, and imagery. The audience is drawn into stories through the engagement of sight and sound, challenging them to think, to understand, to relate and to remember.

This session will outline the processes used to write a digital story. The seven key elements will be highlighted through of a series of examples. We will touch on the software and hardware requirements needed, but will not go into detailed instructions on using these software packages.

Carmel's Bio

Carmel Burke is a Mathematics teacher at Abbotsleigh, an Anglican K-12 school for girls in Sydney. She has been teaching secondary mathematics and computing for 20 years. A keen photographer with a strong interest in multimedia she integrates digital imagery into her lessons whenever possible. Carmel is the 2008 recipient of the KPMG IT NSW Premier’s Teacher Scholarship. Her area of research is using Digital Storytelling to facilitate mathematical literacy and understanding.

http://wetellstories.co.uk/ This digital fiction from Penguin is a great site for demonstrating the power of digital storytelling at a professional level. Our year 7 classes really enjoy exploring this.

Our Darkest day

Terrible things have happened across the globe and terrible things in our backyard. February 7 2009 was a day that time stopped. During that 24 hour period 173 Victorians lost their lives in the worst bushfire in Australian history. Nothing would ever be the same.

We all know how powerful digital stories can be in capturing and telling 'emotion'. Now, after the Royal Commission into the fires is over, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has the most incredible and moving collection of digital stories I have seen. I thought I would share them with you.

ABC Black Saturday

Sydney Morning Herald Black Saturday digital stories

For those of us that live on the edge of Australian cities it is inevitable that fires will lick our back doors. But nothing like this....


Center for Digital Storytelling: Joe Lambert
The Center for Digital Storytelling runs a variety of courses. Joe Lambert's background is in theater and his philosophy is strongly influenced by the late Dana Atchley.

Jason Ohler ¨
Jason Ohler resides in Anchorage, Alaska. He instigated a literacy program with Nome Elementary School that looked at the children's Inuit heritage. The children illustrated their story with their own drawings and filmed their narration in front of a green screen.

iste wiki¨
The International Society for Technology in Education is an association that runs the NECC conference each year. This wiki has loads of great resources including examples, ideas and webinars. You will need to join to gain access.

Capture Wales¨
Capture Wales was a BBC project that encouraged the people of Wales to write and submit stories. Those that were selected were then recorded with the full support of the BBC. Stacks of examples listed under themes.

Digitales ¨ ¨
Digitales is an organisation run by Bernajean Porter. This website has great examples and includes a section on evaluating projects.

Electronic portfolios
Some great software support for audio and visuals.

Digital Storytelling finds its place in the classroom
A fantastic article by Tom Banaszewski highlighting reasons why to use dts in the classroom.

ACMI - Australian Centre for the moving image
ACMI is in Melbourne. It runs fantastic workshops for teachers and students. Some great examples here.

Wikipedia - digital storytelling
A resource with the obvious PLUS some fantastic links to more resources.

Education Technology service Hawaii¨
A whole page filled with amazing resources. Some great software resources.

The University of Huston
The University of Huston teaches its undergraduates how to use digital storytelling in the classroom. Worth a look.

The New Jersey Education Association
New Jersey schools have been using iPod touches and digital stories in very innovative ways. Some good resources here.

The Seven Elements


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