This year's IT Integration conference will be held at Trinity Grammar School on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th September.
During the two days there will be opportunities for you to present.
The committee are keen to hear from anyone who would like to present either a traditional workshop or an e-spot.
  • a traditional workshop would run for about 50-60 minutes. There is the option for this to be hands-on in a lab or a straight presentation.
    If you need to access a SMART board, this is easily arranged. If you want a Promethean board, one can be made available.
  • Owing to the success of these espot presentations from the past few conferences, e-spots will be available on both days of the conference. These sessions follow the format of
    • you give a 3-5 minute summary of what your workshop will be about
    • all participants hear all of these (approx 10) introductions in the main presentation area
    • participants then attend 2 of the 10 espot workshops
    • these presentations are very flexible. They may be
      • hands on in a lab or
      • a show and tell
      • Web 2.0 perhaps? or
      • using a particular piece of software or
      • how you are (for example) incorporating podcasting into the infants primary curriculum
      • 25 minutes long or a double session (approx 50 minutes)
Please let me know if you would like to present.
We are interested in presentations regarding all subject areas as well as infants/primary
If you have a buddy in another AIS school that you think might like the opportunity to present, please pass this on to them.